The serive we provide

The Kyoto Concierge Salon offers concierge services for Kyoto sightseeing and various experiences in Kyoto. 
Guide service is available in various languages.
In addition, Japanese tea cafe and tea ceremony experience,
We provide various kinds of services and experiences you never had before.

Kimono Rental

You can wear this Kimono in 3 minutes

The salon rents out Kimono and Uchikake. You can wear either of them to take photo, to experience Sado and to enjoy the cafe&bar in the salon. You can go outside also.
Kimono to rent here is a special kimono only here, you can wear it in 3 minutes. You can wear it from above the clothes. This is a special service here only in Japan. This kimono is also on sale, you can easily wear kimono by yourself in your own country, and it is also possible to wash this kimono easily with a washing machine. You can wear kimonos only for one hour in a tea ceremony experience, and take pictures in salon very easily. The price start from 2000 yen.




Comprehension of Japanese culture

You can experience tea ceremony of Matcha and Sencha in a tea room of a samurai residence with a history of 300 years. In addition to the traditional and historic tea ceremony experience, you can also experience the fusion of coffee and tea ceremony, called coffee ceremony.


GUIDE SERVICE and Our Original Kyoto Walking Tour

Authentic Experience in Kyoto

Many experienced guides are registered in our salon, and we can provide guide services that meet the needs of various customers. Various original tours of Kyoto, which we plan, are held almost every day.


guiding your authentic experience

Kyoto Concierge Salon can provide concierge service or guide service in multi-language, for your tour and all sorts of experiences in Kyoto. In addition, the salon allows you to experience multiple kinds of service here.


Japanese style 
Cafe & Bar


It is the cafe&bar that can convey to you the pleasure of tea, in traditional or modern ways.
You can enjoy Japanese sake in Kyoto, Kyoto Craft beer, Jin made in Kyoto, whiskey made in Kyoto.


Gallery of traditional art craft

Traditional craft items only here

The gallery exhibits, sells and rents out
traditional products from Kyoto and all
over Japan, as well as the products which
are made of materials in traditional art craft.
It also rents out Uchikake(one kind of
robe worn by the bride) made in
Nishinojin(An area famous for textiles).
Moreover, it exhibits and sells the hanging
scrolled drawings created 300 years
ago which have now been repaired and
mounted, and the tools used for Sado.

Concierge smart phone Rental service

Wifi and Concierge SmartPhone 

There is service which rents out trip phone with WIFI and concierge functions. It can be used in Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean.
And you can use it 24 hours in a day for concierge service and reservation during your travel in Kyoto or around Japan. The rental price is 500 yen per day. There is no limit of data access.


Tea seed oil treatment

Only in here

You can obtain the first and the only service in Japan which provides hand-massage, foot-massage and body care with seeds of tea.
It makes use of 100% natural tea seed oil that is also sold to visitors.


Co-working Space

Share office service in 300 years old samurai house

Kyoto is very difficult place to start new business for forigners. For those who come from outside Kyoto or from overseas, and for the enterprisers who would like to raise IT service, inbound business or traditional art craft business, we provide co-working space and we provide support and consultaion, hands-on service for your business in Kyoto and Japan.