The Authentic Rental Kimono that you can wear in 3 minutes

Feelings of birth, 3 Minutes Kimono, Miraku

Kimono into everyday life. Japanese culture through kimono to the world

We want you to wear a traditional Japanese kimono in everyday life. And through clothes, I would like to convey the wonderful traditional culture of Japan to the world. Such a feeling, Bikura (Miraku) Kimono was born. More comfortable, more comfortable, more easy to wear kimonos that can be worn beautifully, or anyone can easily wear themselves easily, alone. Beautiful kimono is a kimono that will make it easy for everyone around the world to wear.

Features of 3 minutes Kimono, Miraku

You are able to wear it immediately, I could wear it beautifully, it was very easy to wear

Miraku Kimono which can ware withour a special kimono dresser

It takes about 30 minutes to wear regular kimono. And even if you wear this kimono it is a very comfortable kimono and will not fall. Easy, convenient and easy to wear kimonos in a tea ceremony experience, wear kimonos at Kyoto sightseeing, when wearing kimono at a restaurant, easy to enjoy kimono kimono. Even for those working clothes in kimonos, this very comfortable and popular kimono. Its ease and comfort is about once you experience it can not return to a normal kimono.


Staff of "Nakano Ko Co., Ltd." who developed the kimono, staff members of the Kyoto Concierge Salon at the store offering kimono rental services, and Ms. Maki who provides dressing and hair-making services for authentic luxury kimono Members are the main members that provide this service. We will help you with the best experiences and memories with the finest technology and hospitality, multi-lingual correspondence.

Noriko Nakano

Mrs. President of "Nakano Ko Co., Ltd." who developed this kimono. Speaking of Miraku kimono, this person.

Mayumi Nakajima

Kyoto concierge salon staff. I am in charge of accepting rental kimono at the salon.

Maki Moriguchi

Professional who can make a derivery dress and make hair makeup. She is also a professional Japanese dancer.

Kouji Nakano

General producer of this Miraku Kimono, the president of "Nakano Ko Co., Ltd."


Kimono ×○○



Photo shooting at Samurai residence

How about taking a commemorative photo with a kimono at a samurai house built 300 years ago? As a picture for Instagram, you can take a very nice picture.


Kimono and Tea ceremony

How about wearing kimonos and experiencing a tea ceremony? You can experience at 4500 yen in set fee. An experienced tea ceremony teacher explains in English.


Japanese dancing with Kimono

How about experiencing Japanese dancing by wearing kimono at the samurai house built 300 years ago and experiencing Flower Arrangement?